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No Limits–No Kidding!

July 8, 2012

Imagine typing with only one hand. Or walking with only one foot. Now imagine that you have no hands and no feet–in fact you don’t even have arms or legs. Would that be a hindrance? Well I don’t know about you, but if I woke up tomorrow without limbs, you’d better believe I would find myself feeling limited.

But here’s the beauty of God–He didn’t create us to NEED limbs. In fact, Nick Vujicic–the author of Life Without Limits–is living proof that all we need is faith, determination–and a little help from friends–and we can live far beyond anyone’s imaginations.

Vujicic is not only an inspiration, he is an inspiring author. Faced with “disabilities,” his story is instead the tale of a young man who not only lives a full and rich life, but who has dedicated his life to making others feel more comfortable with themselves.

Rarely do I say “everyone should read this book,” but in this case I will, for there is something in here for every single person who is facing limits in their own lives. Take a page from Vujicic’s book, and turn your limits into launching pads.

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