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I Saw God in a Pile of Post-Its

July 28, 2011

This photo is intentionally NOT a pile of post-its.

Why? Well, I’ll tell you why. First off, I want to lead up to it. Secondly, when this posts on my Facebook page, It’s gonna show the first photo. And I would like that photo to not be the pile of post-its.

Because I’m leading up to them.

A few weeks ago, at my church’s Freedom Wednesday service, the leader asked us to think about when we’ve seen God. Like, when we’ve seen something, anything, and just known, through that experience, that God exists, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Believe me, at the time I wasn’t thinking about post-its.

I was actually thinking about spiders.

Well, one spider to be exact.

I named him Roberto.

OK, are you done screaming and feeling all squidgy now?

How about now?

Ok, here’s the thing, there was a nice, big window between Roberto and myself. Nice. Big. Window. (That stayed closed.)

Roberto lived outside the window by my desk. During the day he was nowhere to be seen, but as soon as dusk started rolling in, Roberto would suddenly scurry into view, and start setting up shop.

I was really quite impressed, because some days he’d have to redo his whole web.

And then he’d sit in the middle of it, like a, well, like a spider. And whenever a bug would get caught in the web, he’d reach out his first two ickly little legs, and twitch the web. I can only guess it was an attempt to get the bug to become more stuck than it currently was, so he could, at his leisure, go kill the poor thing and suck its blood. Or whatever spiders do.

But what struck me is how, night after night (yes I worked late a lot for a while), this spider would remake his web, then sit in the middle of it, and twitch at just the right moment. It’s like a dance, really it is.

And I thought, here’s God, right here.

But that’s not the first thing I thought about when we were asked to think about when we’ve found God somewhere.

The first thing I thought about was mountains.

And this one probably makes a little more sense.

See, aren’t they beautiful?

This photo was taken in the Bear Tooth Mountains. My friend and I were driving through the Bear Tooth Pass, stopping along the way for photo opportunities. When we got to this particular location and looked out over the majesty of the blue mountains, she said “How could anyone see this, and not believe in God?”

And she was right. How can you look at something like this and not see a Creator God? Yes, yes, millions of years, erosion, science, yada yada yada. But who Created these mountains?

It certainly wasn’t just a river, believe you me.

So here I am thinking Ok I’ve seen God in Nature (Creation, mountains). I’ve seen God in Animals (the icky spider).

But now what?

Where else can I see God?

And then I remember the pile of post-its on my desk at work.

I am very particular in how I place my post-its. Not only by size and shape, but by color and orientation.

I think that is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Yes, yes I am.

But seriously, think about it. Look at those colors, how well they go together. How beautifully the shapes overlap and overlay each other. The symmetry.

And there, right in the middle of it all, is God.

Because He gave me eyes to see the colors, the symmetry, the beauty.

And now I see Him everywhere.

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