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Why Am I Getting All These Emails???

March 20, 2011

Hello dear reader! As you may recall from my “It’s a Miracle! (or 190 Reasons Why I Love My Friend Heather)” post of about a month ago, my beloved friend Heather managed to salvage each and every one of my Out of the Extraordinary blog posts from when I was on blogger and lost everything.

I have finally (!) had a few minutes to start entering these posts into WordPress but I came upon an interesting situation… some of you are subscribed to my blog via email (Thank you!!) which means that you’re getting an email copy of each new post.

Now, I’m sure you love getting new emails as much as the next person, but 190 of them may be a bit much. Unfortunately I don’t want to turn this off because I’m getting these posts emailed to myself as a backup (learned that one the hard way). So… for what may be the one and only time, I am suggesting that if you don’t want to get inundated with emails, you may just want to unsubscribe for a while.

I know, the horror!

It’s totally your call. I just want you to be aware, because I am excited to finally get these bad boys posted!!  🙂

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  1. March 20, 2011 9:53 pm

    Ha! That is funny – I did wonder why three came in at a time. LOL. Thanks for the heads up.

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