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Meem vs Mehm

February 16, 2011

Me, Myself, and Eye.


I would just like to set something straight for any of you who may be wondering.

Moi-même is pronouced Muah-mehm.

It is not Muah-meem.

It’s French.

A Meme (meem) is one of those fun internet/blogging things that people try to get viral, you know, like “Here are 100 facts about me. Now you do it.” I happen to rather like Memes. My old blog got to where I had a different one almost every day of the week. I got a bit self-conscious about it, however, because I found it an excuse to not write. You know, “Look, I DID post something today, really,” only I found that I wasn’t really writing much.

I’m actually trying to decide if I should get back into any of them again. I would like your opinions on that.

But before we get into the Memes (meems) I want to just explain for a moment why I called my little About Me link “Moi-même.”

Like I said, it’s French. It literally means me, myself. But typically is just translated as “myself.” Me, myself would sound a bit silly. Kinda like taking literal to the next step and saying Moi-Même et Je. (Me, Myself and I)

Ok, back to Memes. Here are my favorites from my old blog. By the way, I feel like I’m missing one. This is why you should always, always back up your blogs, children.

Wit and Wisdom Wednesdays – an inspiring and/or thought-provoking quote from anyone/anywhere
Curvy Thursdays – Reasons why curvy women will one day rule the world
Fictionary Fridays – Taking a common word, giving the actual dictionary definition, then creating a fictionary definition.

So, what do you think, should I start any of them again?

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