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The Day the City Stood Still

February 2, 2011

Yeah... you're not getting out any time soon.

So I woke up today and stretched luxuriously as I remembered that I didn’t have to go to the office. Thank goodness too, because it would have taken me at least 45 minutes to walk the four blocks I live from the el.

And even better, the office was officially closed, so very few people were even sending out emails. It was lovely being able to keep up with work in my PJs. And watch from the windows as people tried to dig themselves out.

Sometimes I love that I don’t have a car.

I did decide to go outside for a little while though, because it really is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to see this much snow in Chi-town. At least, I hope so. 🙂

But here’s one of my favorite pictures, which was taken through the window of my nice, warm apartment:

There are two things wrong with this picture. Can you tell?

Here’s the answer: 1) the white car is parked going south on a one-way street that only goes north. 2) the car you can barely see at the top is double-parked. Except, well, except it’s snowed-in. Ouch.

If you’ve been living under a rock, pretty much the entire country was hit (or is getting hit) by a huge storm. Something like 30 states were in its path. And Chicago got dumped with the third-largest amount of snow in recorded history. Nice, right? Ok, not so nice for the people who were stuck in their cars for over 12 hours last night–my heart really goes out to them.

I cannot explain how happy I was to find out that I can work from home on Thursday too. Let’s just say that walking through snow that drifted up over my knees was fun for a little while today, but not something I want to do to get to work any time soon.

So here’s to one more day warm and snug in my apartment.

And here’s to everyone who is venturing out.


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