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Thundersnow 2011 – The Blizzard of ’11

February 1, 2011

Yes, you can see the car trying to pull out into the street, but check out the one that parked the wrong way on a one-way street.

Everyone is writing about it. Facebook is full of people updating their Blizzard of 2011 statuses.

But what’s really extraordinary is the crew of people attempting to dig out a car. Really people, every minute gets you buried more and more. How were you really thinking that not driving anywhere until 11pm was ok? Did you not hear the news–Chicago’s getting a L.O.T. of snow. I mean, really, everyone’s been talking about it.

I feel rather guilty almost, listening to the impotent and futile revving of the car 40 feet away from my window, knowing that I am safely inside and at home, and these people are neither.

I pray tonight for everyone who is not yet at home but is in the midst of the storm.

Whatever the reason, outside is just not where you want to be.

Godspeed, and get home soon.

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