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January 13, 2011

Mmmmmm….. soda. Pop. Coke.

Call it by any other name but it still tastes as sweet. (Although technically I am a Pepsi girl.)

My church always starts out the new year with a fast, and this year I decided to give up pop for the 21 days. Now, I need you to understand that I am completely and utterly addicted to caffeine, but I only get it through drinking soda. I have been known to put a shot of coffee in my hot chocolate if I need a jolt before lunch, but otherwise it’s Coke or Pepsi all the way.

So when I decided to give it up, I wasn’t sure how well it would go. My office has a fountain soda machine, so they’re pretty much saying “Here, why don’t you just drink Cherry Coke for 4 straight hours?” And sadly, I often did.

The first week of the fast I had the hot chocolate-coffee, I had iced tea, but because I am not a very big fan of either, I only really had enough to keep the headaches away. I am a big fan of iced chai lattes but since I’m not entirely sure how to make them and I try not to go to Argot Tea too often, I’ve only gotten it on a couple “oh my goodness I only got 3 hours of sleep and I will pass out of I can’t get caffeine” days.

The upshot is that not only am I not drinking pop, but I’m also slowly weaning myself off of caffeine. Hooray!

And I’ve found a few interesting facts about how I use Coke during the day, because the first week of the fast all I did was snack. Candy here, a bagel there… I realized that I was getting pop often just because I was bored, or needed a break from work, or was particularly annoyed about something and wanted to drown my feelings in sugary, bubbly goodness.

So this week (I am almost done with week 2) I brought in snacks–healthy ones. I have a banana for the morning, a pear for the afternoon, and yogurt for right after lunch. And I’ve found that I don’t need to make the hot chocolate-coffee in the morning. It’s really amazing how eating fruit (and drinking more water, we mustn’t forget that) really raised my levels of awake-ness. And without that sugar crash later.

And here’s a fun added side benefit–I seem to be more flirtatious when I’m not drinking soda. Ok, I know that makes like zero sense. But I realized one day that I had flirted with like 3 guys! And not for any purpose, just because. It was so much fun! Perhaps I should take this un-caffeinated self of mine out to a bar or speed dating or something. Who knows what could come of it. 🙂

Now I will be honest. On the 22nd I will very likely crack open a can of Pepsi and spend a magical 5 or 10 minutes drinking it. But it is good to know I can, in fact, live without it.

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