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2010 in Review

January 1, 2011

Hello there and Happy New Year to all my friends and family!

It has been far too long since I have sent out a Christmas New Year’s card. Better late than never seemed to turn into “never.”

But thanks to the beauty of technology, I will now share with you my 2010. It was both a great year and a somewhat not-so-great year. Fortunately, I blogged about most of it. So I will give you a list below of the highlights, and leave it up to you whether or not you wish to click through for the details.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Since I am moving all of my posts into WordPress from Blogger the below links do not work at the moment. This will come soon, I hope!

And yes, this means I’m going to be blogging more again. So feel free to follow me if you want to keep up with my goings-on in 2011. God willing, it will be a year worth following. 🙂

In 2010…

  • I started by comparing last year (2009) to this year (2010).
  • I embraced the purpose of my blog–to find the extraordinary in the ordinary–and changed my email signature to match.
  • I reminisced about words with very, very different meanings.
  • I celebrated my 100th blog post.
  • I started a sister blog called Moments of Majesty, where I do a Bible Study. The link goes to one of my favorite posts.
  • I bought a beautiful new loveseat and chair from IKEA–something that had been on my wish list for over two years!
  • My computer succumbed to a virus.
  • I thought about how I have experienced miracles in my own life.
  • A friend of mine at work got cancer.
  • He passed away, I had a birthday–it was a very up and down month.
  • I celebrated the beauty of the city I live in (Chicago).
  • And then I celebrated the beauty of my own neighborhood.
  • I mourned the loss of my camera with varying degrees of acceptance.
  • I said goodbye to my gallbladder (and I feel much, much better!)
  • I got my hair cut
  • With a fantastic team, I organized the third annual Golden Awards recognition ceremony for my company at their annual General Manager conference, and put together a “Recognition Toolkit” that all the manager-level people in our company can use to show their direct reports how much they are appreciated. I haven’t written about this yet, but perhaps I will… I am quite proud of it. 🙂
Well, that is the highlights. I hope that you had a good 2010 and I pray that your 2011 will be successful and prosperous beyond even your loftiest dreams.
And as always… Have an Extraordinary Day!


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